Notion Template: Simple Finance Tracker

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Notion Template: Simple Finance Tracker

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Simple Finance Tracker by is a Notion Template I built myself and use personally to help me track my income and expenses from time to time. 

This Template is very suitable for everyone, be it freelancers, office workers, or even students. 

Our Simple Finance Tracker consists of five databases that give you a clear focus on five different sectors of your finance.

Finance Account

Database: Finance Accounts
The Account is your database that represents your real-life financial account, it can be your wallet, your debit and credit cards, or your business entity.

Each account in your database acts as a wallet that has a balance and its value is calculated based on your income and expenses. 

Anytime you add an income, or an expense and assign them to an account, your account's balance amount will always adapt to the changes. 

Finance Goals

Database: Finance Goals
The Goal is your database that represents your real-life financial goal, it can be whatever you want to achieve, should it be financial freedom for your retirement? or buying a Tesla Model X car? this is your database to track your financial goal progress.

Each time you store a fund in the Finance Expense database and assign it a goal, the goal progress will reflect the progress bar with the amount of money you store and the amount of money that you need in total. 

Finance Incomes

Database: Finance Incomes
The Income is your database that represents your real-life income, all the money that you receive daily or monthly, be it your monthly salary, or your income from side jobs, store them in this database. 

This database is always associated with Finance Account and Finance Categories databases, to let you track your income associations. As an example, you can assign "Salary & Revenue" to your latest income if the income is coming from your monthly salary. Also, where did the income from? Your Start-up? You can assign your Finance Account to the income as well. 

Finance Expenses

Database: Finance Expenses
The Expense is your database that represents your real-life money spent, all the money that you spent on something. This database is only a little bit different from the Finance Incomes database. 

Each expense in this database can be associated with the Finance Goal, this means that you are doing your spending to increase your financial goal progress when you associate it with a record from Finance Goals. 

Finance Categories

Database: Finance Categories
This is the database for your finance categories and tags, divided into two types: Income Categories and Expense Categories

Typically each category has only one intention, to track the income or expenses, based on its topic. An example would be the category "Subscription & Bill" which is always associated with expenses, it is where you spend your money to subscribe to Netflix, Youtube, or other services.  

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